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Important Announcement – Parish Footpath P3 Scheme

With effect from 31 March 2019 Herefordshire County Council will no longer support the P3 Footpath Scheme, which (together with the Parish Council) has funded and carried out maintenance/strimming of footpaths and provided furniture (stiles/gates etc.) to landowners in our Parish over the past few years.

Mathon Parish Council still has some funds available up to the end of March.  If you are a landowner in the Parish with footpaths running across your land, and need any repairs or maintenance work undertaken to bring stiles/gates etc. up to the standard required – please contact our Footpaths Officer, Samantha James (details below) as soon as possible.  Funding is still available up to 31st March.

Samantha James – Footpaths Officer – Mathon Parish Council

Tel: 07478971907    E-Mail: